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February 25th at Rusty Eck Ford on E. Kellogg!


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Please take a moment to see how quick an abduction can happen.  This is actual video of a little girl being carried off an apartment complex but... her little friend, 4 years old, causes such a scene that the man sets her down and leaves the complex.  I believe this little boy SAVED her life by getting loud!!!

ATTEMPTED abduction of 4yr old girl caught on apartment video.





Safety Tip 

If you have ever been to a Fearless and Female program you know that I am a big fan of YELLING.  What should we yell, is one of the top 10 questions that I am asked during a Fearless and Female program.  Should we yell "FIRE?"  Should we yell "HELP?"  I don't think what you yell is as important as the actual purpose of yelling, which is attracting attention to your situation. 

Back in the early years of my self-defense training I used to practice yelling "NOOOOO" in my car.  Yes, you read that right, I used to practice YELLING.  It did bring some really puzzled looks from the other drivers stopped next to me at traffic lights, but what the heck. 


But all kidding aside, I think yelling is very underrated.  If I find myself in a dangerous situation with someone that means me harm, you better believe that I will be yelling my head off (before, during and after I kick his butt!)   I want everyone looking my direction.  I want everyone to see what is going down.  Mr. Bad Guy doesn't want anyone to see what he is up to.  He wants to commit his crime and then move on without any witnesses. 


So, what to yell isn't as important as the simple fact that you are YELLING and attracting attention.  Now, that being said, we also can't depend on someone else running to save us because they heard us yelling.  If they do, bonus!  But, you must be prepared to save our own life.  The other great thing about yelling is that it forces you to keep breathing!  Breathing will help you stay calm and focused during a stressful situation.  Start thinking about (and practicing) your own special yell.


Until next month...  Peace, Love and Safety,  Cindy


Women's Night Out! 



self-defense in Tyler, Texas, convention speaker, convention spouse program speaker

This year I participated in the annual Women's Night Out in Tyler, Texas and the celebrity guest was Bob Harper from Biggest Loser!  He was so gracious and cute as a button! 

When Bob was finished speaking it was my turn to take the stage.   The crowd was so pumped-up that I had no problem getting participants to come up on stage to help me show the audience some sassy self-defense techniques.  They really loved showing off their skills when it came to kneeing me in the groin!  These women can really pack a punch.


Mr. Scary Bad-Guy 

Throughout the evening I met hundreds of women, but one thing that I kept hearing women talk about was their knack for spotting a "scary bad-guy".   While it is awesome that women are looking out for "Mr. Scary Bad-Guy" I just want to toss out a few reminders.


Not all "scary bad-guys" look Scary or Bad.  Remember Ted Bundy? And lets not forget Dennis Rader aka BTK, serial killer from Wichita, Ks.  These two guys were quite the opposite.  Ted Bundy was actually handsome, with a short haircut and well-dressed.  Dennis Rader/BTK was a Wichita city employee and he wore a city issued uniform during the day.  He too was clean cut and didn't look at all like the typical "scary bad guy."


Great, just great.  So now what's a girl supposed to do?  Well, we have to go back to basics.  My theme this year is "Keep it simple... Fight Like A Girl."  We need to remember to listen to our intuition and then act upon the warning it gives us. I don't want women and girls to get so wrapped up in fancy moves, fancy gadgets and difficult techniques that we forget some of the simple things that will aid in our safety as well.  Here are a few reminders;


1. The buddy system.  It worked when we were in elementary school and it will work now. You look more vulnerable when you are alone.

2. Be aware of your surroundings.  When you do have to walk alone (let's be real, there are times when you have to walk alone) be uber-aware of who and what is going on around you.  If something creeps you out - get the heck out!  Run away to a more populated area.

3.  Lock your doors.  Car and house.  This puts one more barrier between you and danger. 

4.  If you do find yourself in a dangerous physical situation and the only thing you can think of is to claw, scratch, scream, holler... DO IT!  Then take a deep breath and pull out all the sassy yet simple techniques you learned at your last Fearless and Female class!


Keep it simple... Fight Like A Girl