Fearless & Female

Practical Personal Safety for Women

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Fearless and Female

"Grandparents Day" school program
Cindy and Julie 2nd grade

Fearless and Female is dedicated to my friend, Julie Marie Ladd.  Julie and I met when we became friends and next door neighbors in first grade.  We went to elementary school, junior high and high school together.  We both enrolled in college at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas.  The summer after our freshman year in college, Julie was murdered in the basement of her dormitory at the young age of 19.  Julie wasn't engaging in risky behavior that evening.  It is believed that she was innocently going to a vending machine in the basement when she was surprised and brutally murdered.  On the evening that she was murdered, Julie had been in her room planning the Sunday School lesson she would teach the next morning.
For years the question of "why" haunted me.  Sometimes there are no clear or understandable answers to tragic events.  The only thing that I could control, is the "what".  What could I do to honor Julies' life and get this message of personal safety to other women?  Little did I know, at that moment, Fearless and Female was conceived.
Julie's murderer was eventually caught, many years later.  Julie had not been his first victim and through his conviction, hopefully, this will be the last life he will ever take and the last family he will shatter.
Peace, Love and Safety,
Cindy Cushing Coughenour